Sydney is growing on you, the state government. It just wants to do this as quickly as possible. The City of Sydney is an integral part of the Sydney CBD. In fact, it has our deepest stake in the success of the future of the City. It’s always been important to work towards sustainable development and growth. Since forming in 2011, this has meant more public housing than any other civic leader, more renewable energy built than ever before, more working relationships with local businesses, and, most importantly, a much smarter City.

Sydney was in the headlines this week for something other than real estate. There was much discussion of a ‘crime royal commission’ – an investigation into alleged corruption in NSW Labor. This is certainly worthy of consideration but is utterly unhelpful. To suggest it is a crime commission will only serve to set us up for more scrutiny. Instead of reviewing NSW Labor’s corruption, many would argue that the state government should focus on building it’s own. It has to start somewhere, its going to need millions of dollars to develop anything resembling a crime royal commission.

The rapid expansion of public housing that Sydney council is implementing will be a key part of this discussion. People in our towns and cities are looking to places to live but many of them are facing their own challenges to get on the housing ladder. Make no mistake, public housing is a solution to a problem but one that has economic and social issues. Public housing is not a guaranteed way to get the most out of your home.