I have a slightly different version of the iPhone 6s family here – I bought my iPhone 6 in April and have been using it since. What I like best about Apple’s new phones is they are the first iPhones on an iOS 10 and I really like how they run all the same apps. The latest version of the iPhone is called iOS 11 and it is similar to iOS 10.

Before I get too far into this I want to mention just for reference that this is my first iPhone. I loved my iPhone 5c (iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s but didn’t want to have an old phone in my family) and yes the A8 chip is there, but my main gadgets are my television and a digital camera. I LOVE my iPhone 5c. Unfortunately its not under warranty, but if I buy another phone I get it back and so forth.

As for how you can use your device better, iPhone 11 is this: a one-size-fits-all version is here:

If you need an extra update, you can get a taste of this here. As for costs, the iPhone 6s starts at $650 on contract (not including local and international tax). The 6s Plus starts at $700 with a two-year contract and goes up from there.

You can buy the new iPhones right here.