Children with a runny nose DON’T have this illness, according to doctors

They said one likely cause was fall, which may have claimed their lives.

Doctors say it’s important for the youngsters not to run, ride or even take part in activities like swimming as they might suffer breathing problems.

Its thought the illness affects around 5 per cent of the nation’s children.

Thomas Lever, a spokesman for NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “When something is not right in your child, don’t panic.

“Diseases like pneumonia and bronchitis can be detected easily and a simple x-ray or CT scan can show a tell-tale sign.

“People with these illnesses have a high-risk of catching something and a high-risk of developing a deadly condition.

“While your child might not show any symptoms, make sure they are alert and thoroughly examine themselves.

“If you spot anything unusual or start thinking something is wrong, advice is always available.