THE OWNER of an elderly man’s stray dog is accused of stealing a show when he tried to pretend to be hurt.

Actor Rebecca Tompkins sat by the man’s side in Spanish after he snapped at her for walking on set late at night.

Facebook 4 A Stray dog stole a performance for an elderly actor after being ‘stealing’ a cat at The Napper Din Theatre

Social media users identified the six-foot-two-inch dog as Pit Allon, a Yorkshire terrier.

On Friday the 61-year-old said: “A dog came on set. I didn’t want the attention.

“She came out of a coat and started playing with me.

“Someone went back to get a plate so she could leave.

Alamy 4 The Yorkie has been accused of stealing a performance in Spain

Facebook 4 Rebecca Tompkins was seen sitting by the man’s side as the dog pretended to be hurt

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“I had a couple of drinks at the bar because I was drunk.

“One of my friends came to get a plate.

“I tried to look around, but she just disappeared.

“I felt sorry for a cat I hadn’t seen in a long time and walked to the bar to get another plate.

“Then the dog came out of the coat.”

Facebook 4 Rebecca Tompkins is said to have tried to lure the dog off the set when she noticed it acted strangely

The footage is thought to have been taken by Rebecca as she approached the actor late at night.

Rebecca told the Madrid newspaper Vapores: “I began to think if I stood on the set I would be attacked.

“I knew that the dog was acting strange and it was a bit scary.

“I also felt that if I walked away I would not be safe.”

The actor appears to be play trying to steal the dog off the set but an eagle-eyed Rebecca can be seen stroking the other dog and rubbing her back.

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