A man spotted the two pitbull puppies sitting on lawn chairs on Monday afternoon. These dogs probably had no idea that they were on their way to meet their fate.

Kevin McDonough had just stepped out of his house and was heading to get his groceries when he spotted two black Labrador retrievers, who had somehow managed to find a way onto his driveway.

So, McDonough called 911, and then rushed in to pick up the dogs.

Kevin McDonough, of Shattuck, was in for a surprise when he arrived to take his two black Labradors to the Animal Protection Society in Brandon, Texas.

After the dogs were held in an undetermined area, an animal control officer went in to retrieve them. The officer also acted as a photographer for a dog tale podcast, which McDonough posted on Facebook.

“Finally got my dogs back to me! They better not eat or whatever,” McDonough wrote in a post.

“When you go back into a house, there’s always an unknown about what might happen, but there was no unknown with the black Lab pups! They made it to the Wild Side! Crazy good, as that is!!” McDonough wrote on Facebook.

The officer hauled the white dogs home.