The medical family who recently opened a beauty shop have been accused of covering up abuse allegations against their son.

Four doctors have been accused of knowing that the girl, now 18, was being abused by her father, with all four of them granted immunity from prosecution.

The family have denied the allegations and are now fighting to keep the venture open.

Now, accusations have surfaced from Mrs Perwicki, who claims her husband suffered an alleged psychological beating and sexual abuse that went unreported for decades.

The young girl, currently a medical student, was in her early teens when she was allegedly abused. The doctor was reportedly approached by a relative, who claimed that his daughter had been beaten, with her father using a belt, a broomstick and a pencil to inflict injuries.

She alleges that her parents found the abuse intolerable and took her in until she was 18 years old.

In a damning report from the European Commission, the lawyer said: “The mother told the girl her father was coming to China and taking her to live with him.”

Father and daughter are suing their medical office for £125,000 each for negligence and want the doctor to pay up too.