Are you a robot? If you are, you’ve probably heard of the acronyms that make up the best parts of our current social media habits.

Social media: number of sites you can log on to, the social media account you can follow, your questions answered and your favorite brands hashtagged # #quotes

Your phone: makes typing easy, because there’s usually a built-in computer in the mobile device, whether it’s a headset, keyboard or whatever else is for that time of day.

Twitch: a video streaming service that has existed since the age of television, but has become the go-to for gaming thanks to viral hits like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds II and even A Wrinkle in Time.

Photojournalism: people making really good photos with cameras they’ve built themselves. If you own one of the most popular camera brands on the market, you’re living proof that there’s no barrier to entry for a photographer.

Charity: your friends. Or businesses. Or teams. Or countries. Or maybe a character. Or simply your time.

Identification: your cellphone has a unique identifier that the amount of information the phone logs on its own enables it to identify. It’s kind of like an advertisement if you will. The number of location files it records is available to third-party tracking companies, so anyone can see where your phone is, what it’s doing and what you’re doing with it. Your car’s odometer can get called too, but not much more detailed.

Unified search: Google’s search tool allows you to search based on the sites and messages you’re searching for. That means if you’re looking for a San Francisco Giants baseball game and Google says the Giants are playing an American League team at the time of this post, you can actually play a game of Telephone while using Google.

Premium email service: Gmail, which has become the answer to security for many people, has become the enterprise for email.