Fredon Laith Botrus was found guilty of stabbing Alfredo Isho in the back in February (pictured)

A woman who attacked a barber in front of his stunned customers in the toilets of a west Yorkshire town has been found guilty of manslaughter.

Fredon Laith Botrus stabbed Alfredo Isho to death in the back in February as he visited the barbershop in Nowthen, Wiltshire.

The 38-year-old walked in the business on Broadway Road in the early hours of February 19, stabbing Isho twice in the back.

Now an Old Bailey jury has found him guilty of murder.

In a victim impact statement delivered in court, Isho’s grieving family urged people not to hand out poisonous flowers in memory of the 29-year-old, from Nowthen, Wiltshire.

They said Isho’s death would have repercussions “around the world” for those involved in such incidents.

The court heard Laith Botrus, of Forest Park, Hidstall, Lancashire, showed an “increasingly dangerous” lack of remorse, denying the stabbing before repeatedly refusing to attend an earlier hearing.

Prosecutor Stephen Hess QC said Isho, who was originally from Brazil, was stabbed twice in the back with a knife owned by his father, who was not in court to hear his fate.

Mr Hess said: “It had appeared at first that this man wanted to kill a good man – an honest worker whose motives had been nothing but selfish.

“He was capable of violence.

“He was capable of hatred and of torment. He was, to say the least, dangerous.

“And now he is standing before you as a defendant in this case.”

The jury at HIDST and Stone Crown Court were told that Mr Isho had been working in the back-up barber shop, alone in the front when Laith Botrus came up and opened a cutlass.

The victim then returned to the rear of the shop and tried to intervene, the court heard.

Mr Hess said: “When she saw that Mr Isho was struggling for the knife with him there was only one thing that could have stopped him: a woman’s body, not her own.

“The inference to draw from what happened on February 19 is that there was one woman in the shop at the time but it was not the accused.”

The court heard Laith Botrus’s motive for his actions was an “obsession” with Isho and threatened to kill him and his family if he did not hand over his knives, it was said.

The court was told that Laith Botrus had a “sympathetic” relationship with the accused.

The paper, which provided a copy of the statement, added: “Mr Isho was an honest man and loved his job.

“He lived his life with his mind focused on what he wanted and not what others were thinking or planning for him.

“From the time he made love to his wife on September 17, 2011, to the morning of February 19, he was focused on his job, valued among the essential conditions that usually come with working in a barber shop.

“He was a hard-working and conscientious young man.

“His life has been turned upside down by a woman with a dangerous need for violence.

“His victim would live with fear that this woman could make bad choices in her life and do terrible things to men and women who work in the barber shops.”