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These are the stories reported in September.


Hello To All for Your Facebook Feed Today. Secret Location of Where the Worm Is – This is a riddle I was asked to build for The Internet Archive by Millenials @votel22, and I used the resources to build some new wormholes and wormhole openings over the span of five short hours. A huge amount of simple code has been provided. This month, I want to share my article entitled “Secret Location of Where the Worm Is”, written by blog writer Jacob Gutin. I’m also sharing my story for my friend in July about Windows 11, this was one of the most inspiring stories I had seen in a while. A post shared by BTKevin (@Brett_Grope) on Jul 21, 2016 at 8:09am PDT This is the first month of the 🐍-abetter company! My sister posted her blog about her choice for this company, which made my day! As people start to email me, I believe that I will be publishing story after story in the company until they decide to ban it from Facebook in the future.

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September is the last month of the Company

Recently, I created this podcast in the nordstrom/specials! In the podcast, I will talk about the topics that informed this idea, and how everyone with a personal interest in fashion, marketing, or entrepreneurship can contribute to the world’s fastest growing business.

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Sixty Points of View

Sixty points of view (00:02:15) is the 7th installment of an ongoing series on BAND PRODUCER PROFILE that I conduct monthly on the latest. I am thrilled to have some truly interesting and sought after companies join this series; Life Startup CEO candidate Mark Eaks, AVUE Systems and CPI Cleaning are just three companies that are consistently meeting our milestone’s. We look forward to discussing more with you in the future. All that’s required to participate is a public email address (this will also be the subject of the next podcast), at Once a month I will share our most recent topics with you.

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Food With Friends – The Now Go

I’ve experienced everything from the time that history played out on table service tables to the time that a visit to the pub was merely a passing part of the journey. An interesting theme of hospitality is manifested in one of the most refreshing moments that I have experienced.

During our latest trip to Prague, our guide invited us to visit the nearby Baltic Food Festival, which is a huge regional event showcasing a range of delicious food dishes made with ingredients from all around the world. We were very impressed with the variety of dishes we sampled, and were also drawn to the array of beverages offered.

The essence of every meal, then, is welcome.

It was a fantastic beginning for the two of us, and I was very lucky to have experienced the rest of the festival there and back in Hungary.

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What Will The Future Hold For Millennials?

Looking at the future of life and work, both social and traditional, is both fascinating and difficult to explore, but it will be far easier when each of us is introduced to the opportunity to use and build something of our own.

With that in mind, one of the main moments that I always remember fondly is the first time that my daughter was born.

It seemed to me, then, that she would follow many years later in her eventual adulthood – so much of a wild and playful world, but mostly peaceful and nurturing.

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