When we first wrote about Brian Blanchard’s story last year, we noted that “looking through his Twitter feed reveals few details about him or his family.”

When we launched our free one-week iOS app, The Wishlist, last month we planned to unveil details about some of our more noteworthy apps. Here they are:

The Wishlist: My Wish List, allows me to track and share hundreds of people I want to see on my platform. The app allows me to register for free, but you have to earn extra points by liking other apps and trying to lose an addiction.

NYC Anime Festival: Dine and learn about NYC’s budding anime industry on Sept. 23 and 24. There will be more than 100 anime films, TV shows, graphic novels and more, on the line, running at various locations.

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Jaguar Cartridges: This app lets you purchase and import classic cars, to meet the needs of your many friends, say hi to one another and share various experiences. $0.99.

Travel: Set your stops using on smart devices and automate everything through Trip It! You can also turn the device into a key for a better local experience. $4.99.

I Googled and Found: On Android, it lets you choose a search term that has hot items for your search. It will fill the search terms out based on what’s trending on a given topic. $1.99.

Public Transit: Find me the best subway on the planet. Take the R train for $1.99; a L train for $1.99; M and N trains for $1.99; L, R, Z, W trains for $2.99; and the A, B, L and Z trains for $2.99.

CNN/SI 60: Classic cable news and streaming video service. No, it doesn’t have TV (but no, it doesn’t have the big kids), but it does have IM on-demand access to many of the top news sources, plus a built-in RSS feed. $2.99 for the Standard tier and $8.99 for Extra tier, with live feed, viewable for six months in the Alexa app for Amazon Fire devices or a year with a $5.99 per month subscription for Amazon Prime.

Vine: Find, share and edit your favorite media with a free app that lets you see videos from other Vine users. Plus, you can see how your new videos are faring on the Vine Store, with a thumbnail of a video and it will remember things you posted from the previous one. Free.

Trash Listifier: Use this app, which allows you to track all your garbage. It then saves the info for you to view, edit or share with friends, great for cleaning up the Internet. Free.

“Want it?” Buy it now!

Tribute Shop: Offers two unique additions: a vintage-inspired shopping experience featuring something (or someone) for every taste and trendy wear that includes bags, lamps, lamps, an outdoor sofa, vintage-esque shoes, musical instruments, vinyl records, self-organized dog beds, kids’ books, quick-service sandwiches, etc. $9.99 for three months, $49.99 for lifetime.