Hawaii’s Department of Health issued a state notice last week advising travelers who should be aware of and report any abnormalities after the current Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa that could affect their travel plans to Hawaii. According to the agency, travelers can have their travel and medical plans limited by quarantine or follow-up if they travel to Hawaii within nine days of returning from West Africa, if they disclose the symptoms of Ebola in writing and inform the health care provider of such information. They also can have their medical records screened for links to the outbreak.

Travelers will not be required to remain in contact with their travel partners or travel companions, and do not need any additional treatment. Screening must take place at hotels, airlines, public health facilities, health care facilities, and traveling companions. The agency urges travelers to call immediately if they start symptoms.

Hawaii’s health department advises that travelers traveling to West Africa who remain at home should not get sick, whether by traveling with symptoms themselves or in isolation. Travelers who return to Hawaii should be monitored until they are symptom-free. This self-care and follow-up may require special preparation or convenience.