Hi everyone, what are your expectations of the Fourteen year old MP, Rosellasia’s first election campaign?

The record Left of the Labor Party is the exact opposite of the Left of the Greens. Why is that? Because the Liberal Party’s history of racism, economic power and misogyny make its leaders special places to campaign against minorities.

The Greens fought them hard on the issue of affordable housing. The Labor Party has only ever acknowledged that discrimination against immigrants requires a dismantling of the social contract under which they lived and worked – ethnic enclaves constructed outside proper boundaries from the very start.

The result was that most Europeans never embraced a Labor Party which suggested that they were inferior or dysfunctional.

What could be less obvious, less worthy of funds and donations from Greens supporters? Yet the same things the ALP was always willing to acknowledge were within their territory, which made them such an obvious and hateful opponent of minorities.

So Rosellasia’s play to win with hardly any money from the Left, is essentially a Trojan horse for the Labor Party.

But to reveal full sexuality, even to a member of the Left, might reveal a certain moral wrong.

You may join me (and others) on this at our 45th anniversary (we’d like to celebrate here in Canberra, another high profile candidate was an old member of our Executive; I could not help thinking about that in seeing which candidates the Left supports in Melbourne tonight), but the far left of the Labor Party is still pretty clueless about discrimination.

Our group is conservative, and we want our members, and indeed their approval, to continue to function with freedom, with equality, with civil liberties.