THIS is the moment a hGV driver was filmed using Google Maps while driving on the M40 – causing a car to crash into the side of the M60.

The hanger-mounted car that was being driven by Viktoria at about 11.30am in Bristol was left with a deep leg fracture.

9 Onlookers in Bristol watched the hanger-mounted car being driven on the M40 by a hanger-mounted driver at about 11.30am in Bristol

9 A teenager was narrowly left with a broken femur and foot in a horror crash

9 Viktoria had just made a left hand turn into the M1 motorway in Bristol when the HGV hit the car

9 Viktoria’s car was flipped onto its roof, with a leg broken in the scene

9 The car was left with the rest of its driver separated from the rest of the vehicle

9 Witnesses say the car was badly damaged

9 A man arriving from the M25 to the scene said he thought he saw a car flying off the road

9 Witnesses say the HGV driver was driving perfectly legal in Bristol

Describing the impact the motorist said: “I thought it was just me hitting the other car. When I saw the camera zoom in I did not expect anything to be so large and so big.

“The motorway was pinged with two cameras about 20 yards apart and it then exploded.”

Jt driver Gisela Rauvska said: “The vehicle stopped at the right-hand traffic light – it wasn’t moving in traffic lanes, it just stopped and then the cab hit the car.”

When she saw the aftermath she believed she saw a car flying off the road.

Paramedics had to break open the car’s right wing and cut the leg up for priority treatment.

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