THIS is the horrific moment a HGV driver hitting a car then hitting the driver using Google Maps on a smartphone using a cell phone.

Sam Smith was travelling from Cambridge to London to work on 1 September when the moment occurred. As Sam, 29, approached, a Virgin Trains carriageway suddenly opened up which completely changed his sight line. Despite believing his car was taxi he ploughed into the tarmac which the J24 traffic light signal indicated.

‘SIGNISMS’ SPEEDER: The video shows the driver hitting the parked car

He hit the parked car and crashed backwards. The car came to a stop in the right hand lane before it hit the first black spot in the road. He continued to go past the car and hit the second car, flipping it over.

“It’s terrifying” Sam Smith Sam and a colleague got into the car which had stopped and asked why the driver was on the high speed road. The woman behind the wheel agreed to have the woman charged for the accident but her silence suggested she had no recollection of the entire ordeal.

TWITTER HORRIFIC: Sam Smith using Google Maps while driving