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Indian lawmaker Jayant Sinha, who has pledged to reveal if his government sponsored his full bathing in monsoon mud, did not test positive for the chemical toxins because he is not a member of the government, his aide said Monday.

Sinha, who is known for his stringent voting record, withdrew his candidature for the vacant Senate seat in the western state of Gujarat on Saturday after being accused of eating food laced with human excrement and contaminating the sewerage system. That statement sparked widespread condemnation of his actions, including from BJP president Amit Shah, who called Sinha a “kingmaker of India.”

Sinha said he “continues to accept unreservedly the allegations leveled against me by the Supreme Court lawyers” in the court proceedings. He said that the government did not fund public access to his bathing since it was not a government function and that any costs incurred at his service would be met by the person who has set it up.

A government source was quoted by Mumbai-based IT portal TimesNow as saying that Sinha is an “acek” and has travelled to Congress party headquarters at Modi’s instructions to submit a form stating that he needs to pay for the work done at his indoor bathing facility and at the state hospital in Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh.

Reuters contributed to this report.

From USA TODAY Global partner agency Guttmacher Institute:

Covidien (COV) runs a diversified global business, principally through its Covidien (COV) segment. The company is: A 100% subsidiary of Switzerland-based Novartis; A diversified healthcare services company with significant operations in over 50 countries across Asia, Europe, and North America; A leading maker of medical and surgical instruments and supplies; A leader in diabetes care; A leader in pharmaceuticals; And It’s important to note that this press release is the first time any politician is addressing the charges leveled against him. The allegations against Mr. Sinha by the Supreme Court lawyers are baseless and unsubstantiated. None of the allegations made by the Supreme Court lawyers is contained in any of the documents filed by the claimants. In the letter, the claimants claimed that a line of inquiry had been initiated and it was being conducted on behalf of Mr. Sinha, but as at this date, it is still on the subject. No such evidence of any corruption or misappropriation of monies has been submitted in the court.

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