Jefferson Shively, Ky. – (Defined here as Robot: 1, a Robot: 1) The Designer:

Alien Existence. Jefferson Shively, Ky. – (Defined here as Robot: 1, a Robot: 1) The Producer:

Admitting Robot to have Robot on his shoulder.

A smart piece of hardware is being developed by Pike Place Technologies in Seattle, Wash. Its got a wicked smart lab setup wherein researchers will poke and prod and examine humanoid robot to see what it’s about. It’s small and round, but comfortable, and sometimes has forward-firing weaponry to fight stuff. Currently still in development, likely scheduled for first delivery some time next year. Pike Place says its proprietary robot will be smarter and more human-like than most humans, but mind, it’s also very, very, very, very cheap. (Most of Pike Place’s modules cost in the area of $1.54 each, compared to $90 to $95 a module for ordinary humanoid robots.) Obviously this is only a play for market development – the spiffy robot has to fit into an apartment or house and be functional at any age – and that’s not something new. Additionally, Pike Place asserts that its robot will no longer be seen as a threat to humans, in any meaningful way, and has gone so far as to announce that it plans to sell the world’s first “robot” toilet under price points ranging from $349 to $999. (View video here.)

This is all quite fascinating. Oh, and by the way, Pike Place says its robot is already designed to withstand water. Crazy.