IT was a shocking moment when a teenage boy armed with his bike then hit a 13-year-old girl.

The boy, believed to be in his teens, reportedly believed he could elude police by riding his motorbike towards a local landmark.

Facebook/Matthew Unley 7 A 13-year-old girl was seriously injured after being hit by a motorbike

But when he arrived at the iconic site in the US state of New Jersey, he allegedly hit a teenage girl, according to police.

Matt Unley, 29, told news website The Wave: “I walked into the skate park. I heard a loud noise and as I approached I saw a young boy climbing up the fence.

“Then, a boy and a girl jumped in the bushes and a reckless teen on a skateboard beat them up.

“I was the last person to see the bike before the guy left and I saw a young boy cry out ‘I’m gonna kill the girl.’

Facebook/Matthew Unley 7 Matthew Unley said he was the last person to see the driver when he arrived at the historic site in New Jersey

Facebook/Matthew Unley 7 Matthews said he decided to drive away after he realised he would be hit in the front by a motorbike

“He jumped off of the bike and ran back to his car. He did say to me, ‘When I get home I’m gonna kill the girl,’ and he then left the scene.”

New Jersey State Police pulled the accident over.

Officers then contacted the boy’s mother.

Ms Unley said that his explanation was completely implausible: “He told me, ‘I figured it would be a fun ride. I was working on my bike and came to the park on a sunny day.

“He said he took off when I passed by and then dropped his bike and ran back to his car. Then, he left. I’m hoping he sees the crash on the news.”

Facebook/Matthew Unley 7 The motorbike was caught on camera travelling towards the children on foot

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Later the man, who was identified as Matthew Unley, made a statement to police, saying the family was doing well and it had been a “bad day”.

His statement stated: “Everyone is good, and everything is being taken care of.”

The incident took place outside the Mississippi River Bridge, which is seen on camera racing towards the teenaged girl who had been hit.

A local tourist said: “It’s so obvious that he was trying to evade police. He was dodging police.”

Facebook/Matthew Unley 7 The city of New Jersey’s famous Mississippi River Bridge was seen speeding towards the boy on a motorbike in the town

Facebook/Matthew Unley 7 It was a devastating set of events that had little to do with the beloved landmark in New Jersey’s East Orange

The collision is seen on video before driving away into the air.

The scale of the damage caused is not yet known, but the scene is largely untouched.

Mums have shared shocking pictures to Instagram after hearing the horror.

One wrote: “This is horrendous. Watch out for police officers. Know they can’t do anything. Stay on your own.”

Another added: “A miracle, a cop making it back over all this!”

A third wrote: “This was by far the worst case of traffic accidents I’ve seen in years. People are so overworked and I have to wonder if some of them don’t want to call in sick.”