YONGSAN – Netflix is wooing Japanese viewers with its next original series that combines elements of “Chupa Chupsa” – traditional Japanese music – and raw entertainment in the vein of “Stranger Things”.

The streaming giant announced on Sunday that the show would be made in Japan, where the performer-based country has a strong cultural affinity for its rhythm-and-blues fanatics.

Production company Two Zero will make the video-sharing platform’s first original series. “Murderous … with Monster Energy” will hit both Netflix and Japan’s Fuji TV in 2019, the company said.

“Murderous … gives us more reason to believe we could make more different, larger, and more immersive series in Japan, with an international cast, with a level of visual flair to match,” said Sai Lagaburi, head of Nine Productions, which has worked on “Stranger Things” and “Stranger Things 2”.

Ten years ago “Chupa Chupsa” was performed only by children and played for family nights, but now it is ubiquitous in a handful of primary schools, cafes and sports halls in Tokyo and other Japanese cities.

It was a breakthrough hit for Eight Factor, the youth-only Japanese tour promoting artist Yoko Ono, who placed third on the “Chupa Chupsa” tour in 2001. Its popularity continued with the success of other groups such as Upside Down Dance and “Maison Naturelle”, which continues to pop up in Japanese rock music.

The Japanese music video industry is seen as particularly robust, with a proliferation of clubs and festivals over the past decade. “Murderous … with Monster Energy” will begin filming at the end of the month in Los Angeles, Fuji TV said.

Netflix did not disclose production costs for the series, and it is not clear if a US audience will be able to watch it.