A prayerful communion is held at Kyriacos Kyriacos Kouralis offices in Nicosia, Greece. Photo: Reuters

A Serbian priest will stand trial in Kyriacos in May for sexually abusing two young brothers aged between five and 13, the local prosecutor said on Friday.

Renata Priag, 39, is charged with aggravated indecent acts and commission of an indecent act without consent, Kyriacos Regional Prosecutor Yevheni Dlamini said.

The priest allegedly raped one of the boys, a witness who gave his consent but who was afraid of reprisals, Dlamini said.

Priag will appear before a magistrate after the prosecutor said he is likely to appear in court by videolink at a court in the town of Carvamir.

“Those who were threatened with reprisals can call for the press to speak to the magistrate today,” Dlamini said, adding that he was not optimistic it would be clear who would be representing the priest.

Priag’s lawyer told Reuters that his client would likely not be present for the hearing, expected to last two days.

Ayrshire County Council confirmed that Priag was an elder in a parish in the town of Kyriacos.

It said it has the custody of one other youth in the same parish.

Greece’s human rights ministry said on Friday it would review the case amid concerns about past abuses at churches in the Catholic church in Kyriacos.

The religious document Greek Orthodox sacramention I, which lays out the disciplinary procedures for priests and parishioners and outlines punishments for inappropriate behaviour, must be followed by both the priests and parents.

Priag admitted to sexually abusing the boy but the boy never registered the abuse, the prosecutor said.

When the cleric did not disclose the abuse, police moved the boy to the town of Milhenskoe in Greece’s western Peloponnese.

A Greek boy rescued the 13-year-old from Priag’s care and took him to the area of Kyriacos, where the priest was arrested, Dlamini said.

Priag has an extensive background in parish life, including work at several church-owned institutions including the Kilikubo priesty and the Hellenic Biblical canon law school, according to the local prosecutor.


Date created : 2020-09-17