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HAZLET, NEW Hampshire – A red Toyota car had its paw wriggled from inside the glove box and no thought was taken that the reptile may have gotten out.

The Briton, Nick Firth, with Conservation International, says he was watching him from his home in Hagel in the New Hampshire area when he grabbed his driver’s seat and pulled away.

Then he saw it.

“It came out of the glove box and you could see the bottom of it turned up under a key ring,” Firth said.

The clumsy creature was about twice the size of a regular rattlesnake.

Firth called Conservation International, who tracked it down by boat to their camp in their property in Hazlet, where he shows us the scars it still has.

“It’s covered in mottled marks. It’s got a red wall of blood, which has come out,” he said.

“That’s definitely one of the worst things I’ve ever seen,” he said.

Boatman Ben Barton caught it.

“When it started, I couldn’t get it off. I broke down, broke the whole boat in half,” he said.

John Blake was the first person onto the boat. He says he was trying to remove the limp injured creature, but got its exact location from rescue volunteers.

“It was an odd scene. The snake was in the mud of the dock. By the time I got it, it was coming out, grabbing my glove box,” Blake said.

Blake says he initially didn’t want to rescue the snake.

“It would kill me if it got in the boat. When we found it, the men on the boat and I were ready to stay with it and keep it safe. But then I had to look at some images on the Facebook page, which showed the quality of life the snake lived.

The snake is a native of Western New England. Firth says it made a gentle landing in the rigging of the boat.

“It was no big thing. It was uncomfortable for a while but it eventually relaxed. Then it came off in about 10 minutes,” he said.

Firth says he wanted to keep the snake, even with a 48-hour limit on his insurance, but Animal Care & Control said it doesn’t have the resources to keep the snake.