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You’ve heard it before: there is a “new normal” in our developed, post-industrial world. It isn’t just when you say “end-of-the-decade”, but when you say “end-of-the-decade in terms of GDP and inequality”.

But where do we go from here? The chances are that humanity will be able to catch up to our ancestors’ early development of the labor market.

Is this going to happen? That remains to be seen, but as employment declined and population increased, more people stepped in the labor pool and helped grow the economy.

But where do we go from here? To begin, it’s up to us as individuals, societies, and entrepreneurs to address the needs of our rapidly changing world. Because no amount of initial investment will ensure job security in the long run.

It’s incumbent upon each of us to understand where we stand with respect to a new normal. This is my simple three-part questionnaire.

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