In the days after President Donald Trump returned from his first overseas trip, the president signed a tax cut bill in which he paid more than $5 million in federal income taxes.

Many Democratic primary voters in the Badger State were quick to connect that tax cut to Trump’s decision to take a credit in his federal government bequests that dropped for various charitable and educational organizations.

A new national fundraising effort from Democrats to promote “Princess Bride” interpretations helps raise money for worthy causes.

Wisconsin Democrats’ ‘Princess Bride’ reading raises $4.3M — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) September 16, 2018

Wisconsin Democrats have launched an “Princess Bride” online fundraising effort to promote the hit movie, which narrates the tale of Will Wheaton and Aibileen Marshall’s happy family on a boat amid various political hazards.

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez, appearing alongside Indiana Senate candidate Todd Young, discussed the novel and the fundraising effort on Thursday.

“I think it’s a must-read. My children like it. People who grew up around that era, my dad, his generation and mine, and others, definitely have,” Perez said. “My kids are interested and they read it as well.”

Perez said people are encouraged to learn more about the “Princess Bride” reading project and find links to donate here.

Young will be the topic of a conversation on Saturday, during which he will discuss politics and “Princess Bride” stories and issues.