Poles already blame Moscow for Kaczynski’s crash (Picture: EPA)

Poles have now accused Russian air traffic controllers of deliberately crashing a presidential plane that killed Piotr Kaczynski.

Poland’s President Piotr Kaczynski was travelling from Warsaw to Varna in Bulgaria on Thursday when the Antonov An-124 plane crashed while landing on the runway of a Syrian air base.

Emile Roemer accused Moscow of deliberately crashing the plane to mislead the media, because it seemed to them to be a crash drill.

Two of the 71-year-old’s bodyguards were also killed in the crash.

The plane crashed to the ground, at a slower speed (Picture: EPA)

There have been accusations of tampering with information being relayed by Syrian air traffic controllers (Picture: EPA)

The plane crashed at the Damascus airport at 4.40pm local time in the middle of the afternoon while the runway was in operation.

No Russian crew on board was injured.

Pietro Moczynski, the husband of Piotr Kaczynski, wrote on Twitter: ‘The Air Russia rocket fired at the safety cockpit of the President was strongly mistaken by Syria’s PAKISTAN.’

Russia’s Defence Ministry later issued a statement that the plane’s engines were working normally before the crash.

Piotr Kaczynski was travelling from Warsaw to Varna in Bulgaria (Picture: EPA)

But the ministry said the aircraft had been inspected and had been permitted to continue its scheduled flight.

Pietro Moczynski said the pilot had made ‘intentional intervention’, repeating previous allegations Russian-controlled air traffic controllers were involved in the crash.

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