A week ago I mentioned Chynna Phillips as a possible candidate for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series at the Emmys on Sept. 29. She’s playing one of four nominated players in “Queen Sugar.” I mentioned that Phillips wouldn’t win, but I think she’s going to win. “Queen Sugar” is just amazing. Her performance has always seemed best suited for the small screen.

I recently saw an interview with Phillips about her performance. Here’s part of the interview:

I always looked at the character of Luvhan as my more interesting counterpart in the book. I think, like any really good person, there are aspects of yourself that other people don’t see. I don’t see myself as a caricature at all. And I know what Luvhan is for the very beginning. But by the time we cross over and to where the story takes us and I eventually create Luvhan, I go to a place I was, but I didn’t quite know. My husband is helping with the show and he’s one of the producers. And he watched me talk with him for a long time and I was like, “You know Luvhan? And I wonder what he’s talking about. Like, no one knows about Luvhan!” Because in the end, it’s Luvhan’s story, and we’re able to make it as real as we possibly can.

Phillips had her own thoughts on her Emmy chances, from this interview:

We [RIA], we are one of the three or four people that have consistently done such an incredible job for such a long time, and we really are hoping we get the ball rolling for success. I really feel that we’re one of the last days left, but it’s still kind of down to who we want to see take this play to its last book.”

So how do you vote? Watch “Queen Sugar” on Sunday to see if “Luvhan” is a lock, and if so, why. Find the program you’re watching from your cable subscription on Sept. 29, your favorite time slot. If you don’t subscribe to Showtime, the public may find it hard to get a TV fix on Sept. 30, so it’s a good time to consider a cancelation date.