A-League anti-vaxxer Bryce Cartwright will not be allowed to return to the Gold Coast Titans.

Cartwright, 31, will not be allowed to rejoin the Titans for the remainder of the current season.

In August, Titans fans fired off social media messages with the warning, The Age reported.

“Sending you all a big congratulations to all that won tonight in the last few minutes!” wrote one.

After a long wait, he announced his return to the Titans via social media early Monday morning.

Cartwright posted three videos from his first meeting with coach John Kosmina and announced himself as “open to everything”, thanking Titans supporters for their support in the past and making a great comeback.

“I’m looking forward to being part of the home-grown group and I’m also very excited to be coming back to the Titans!” he wrote.

“…Went out to the field and talked to a few guys here today, it felt like it was so many years since I’ve been in this, so I’m excited to be here and be part of the club again.”

Bryce Cartwright posted a video from his first meeting with Titans coach John Kosmina

Cartwright’s video included an “ask me anything” feature, asking fans: “How do you feel about me? Do you really think I’m responsible for the young people that can’t get vaccinated?”

Kosmina said he knew Cartwright had been unhappy with his playing conditions.

“I think just the amount of time that we went through without Bryce coming in last year and missing a chunk of the season was obviously very difficult for me,” Kosmina said.

“And as a result of that I was given the opportunity for Bryce to come back to the team. But he was not going to accept any point for me not to play him. So we understood and dealt with it on an individual basis.”

Cartwright, 34, is only the third player to be released from the Titans in less than two years and the latest player to leave the NRL franchise following David Mead and Joe Roby.