Leeds freshers yesterday basked in the warm sunshine – as their social-distancing spend at Wyckoff School ended.

And freshers had plenty to do as they had a drink, sipped champagne and browsed local boutiques before spending a few hours partaking in the town’s pre-enrolment relaxation period.

Leeds University students threw off the tag as stay-at-home babies yesterday (September 17) – shunned social-distancing after the first week of the new academic year.

The colourful student markets yesterday were scattered throughout the city, on display from plush shops to trendy outlets.

Leading entrepreneur Wes Meehan said the students would go shopping in the “relaxing market” after finishing first week with the help of their parents and parents’ guides.

He said: “It was really great after the first week to be able to relax, to come and enjoy the market and have some drinks.”

Mr Meehan said the markets were similar to other university areas where home lives are simplified.

His stall was filled with clothes, bags and shoes while contestants on the market who had purchased beers or spirits got to sample them.

“You only have to go to Leeds for a pint,” he said.

“I think it’s very good. It gives students the freedom to start exploring themselves.”

Maren Klitchman, of wealth coach Wyckoff, said Leeds University freshers would really enjoy their life in the city this year.

Ms Klitchman said: “We hope the first week has been just as laid-back as we were hoping for, especially with the start of the university term.

“Students will come away with some very interesting points of view.”

The market had attracted a large crowd at midday, however there were no any sales or sales staff outside the market.

University and college students yesterday spent their first days in Leeds meeting work prospects in hotel halls and eateries across the city.

In September last year 25,000 students found out they had been chosen to work on the final night of the Freshers’ Week and two months later were into work on the second day.

Leeds University is one of 21 universities planning to hold Freshers’ Week, which runs September 24-28.

The Freshers’ Week would include the party of a lifetime, with many studying up to four times each week to celebrate their achievements and gain qualifications.