Two-Room Day Home in New York is an artfully curated collection of a modern 20th-century window – a view is everything, it’s having the best of it.

Founder and director Dan Folmarre commissioned a dozen lights and designers to light, shape and fabricate the screens which grace the 2,500sqft. self-contained modern home. The seven LED, traditional, metal and acoustical screens use sleek, colored, stained glass glazes to let in natural light and to sparkle as they speak of their past, present and future lives.”

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About Nielson Vineyards

Nick Faraci and Don Fasiti are two veteran veteran independent winemakers – they are longtime suppliers of craft beer to Niagara-on-the-Lake and other ports of call. In their collaboration with venerable producer Reverie, Nick and Don have been responsible for new iterations of craft brews like Stircomb, Chateau Ste. Michelle Inc., Sonoma Winery and Sacramento’s LA Winery & Vineyards.

Contributed by Perren Manning