You can add the death of her baby to the list of the great disasters that the 90th Congress has inflicted on American government. Since this continues to be a very bad Congress, all the hope of Pelosi taking over Senate actually went out the window when John Kennedy announced his candidacy to run for the seat of Nancy Pelosi. Once this was brought up, there was an absolute absolute shut down, and today, as has been so often in the life of this Congress, the entertainment got thicker.

Yesterday, the thousands of Democrats in DC felt that they had found a missing link, an OB/GYN who could offer their candidate the strong ground support that could win the California primary, and that will make her either a Chief Justice of the United States or Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. That candidate was Ginsburg, who died yesterday of pancreatic cancer.

Ginsburg was absolutely incredible and is irreplaceable in the Supreme Court and surely in the world. This was a crucial vote which would have resulted in the president changing his mind over whether to allow Supreme Court travel ban, and in the end, she chose to go where she was most needed. So it was quite an embarrassment that she died so soon, and really, that is just bad politics. The only explanation I can come up with is that Ginsburg did not want to lose her battle against cancer, so it was more about her health than anything else.

Much better was the announcement of appointee Brett Kavanaugh, who was chosen by the President of the United States of America, who can handle these matters, and who did not need many enemies to go toe to toe with against his opponent, and in doing so, put himself in a very good position to take on the next government of good representative in Congress. This was the wave of the future to take on the next government from bad representative.

In spite of all this awful news, the President did not run away and retreat from the problem area he set out to tackle: abortion.

I am a former staff person for the Congress, and here is what the House Democrats had to say: “This is the Congress that deserved to be dealt with on this issue this week. In the end, a ruling from the Supreme Court will make the issue easier to solve, and that is what everyone is looking for right now.”

As always, Ruth Bader Ginsburg will have a death that almost certainly will be filled with sorrow and grief; but in the end, she will be felt for the strength that she will continue to carry on. And she may be in that position even longer, because while she may have lost her battle, and all of her work will be over, her life will not be in vain. A deep sense of purpose has been given to her – and that will not be lost on her as she begins her second miraculous life.

She is represented by a firm and a team of lawyers who cared deeply about what she had to say. No one in Washington can discount that passion, but that does not outweigh the expense of the job and the suffering that has been brought to the working class of this country.

And yet it seems that just days before she died, she was a determined and dedicated fighter. Godspeed, Justice Ginsburg.

Joe Mahoney

Sacramento, CA