QUEBEC — A popular north Quebec restaurant with more than 50 locations has shut down after employees tested positive for a medication used to treat HIV, Ebola and more, the Quebec City daily L’Equipe said Tuesday.

The Burger Emporium was located at 45 École St. in Chemin et Cinquière-de-Sainte-Notre-Dame in Quebec City, across the road from Gaspé’s École des congrès.

According to L’Equipe, the St. Paul’s Hospital has been contacted and the association de la frechergie au Québec (AUQQ) has been requested to become involved.

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The restaurant also announced in a news release Tuesday that it will conduct a full internal investigation, and that customers have been asked to return to the counter once they have their meals.

“We are fully committed to our customers, which includes working closely with the hospital and fraternal relations on the issue,” a statement said.

I support the decision taken by the Burger Emporium following the recent public health problem that has affected an upscale and trendy restaurant in the city of Gaspé. — Michelle Zilio (@ZilioWire) September 18, 2018

The first patients diagnosed with Ebola arrived in Guelph two weeks ago, prompting concerns among health experts about potential contagion in Canada.

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Medical experts have since admitted the two physicians’ report contained mistakes and been forced to apologize to staff and students in two hospitals.

Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette said Tuesday those mistakes will be addressed in the coming weeks.