Name: Heather Stanley

Age: 44

City of Residence: Brooklyn, New York

Occupation: Entrepreneur

On The Rachel Zoe: Rachel Weisz

While guests spilled out the front doors this week to catch Rachel Zoe arriving at the New York Fashion Week parties, insiders couldn’t tell you what exactly was going on under the hood at this venue. Certainly the crowd around her was not.

The New York Daily News crew was trying to capture as much of what it could, pulling a blunder as a teeny-tiny photographer down from behind a wall to capture Zoe’s surprise arrival.

The 67-year-old celebrity stylist was recently named the salon queen of Manhattan, edging out celebrity stylist Brooke Shields. But the hootenanny had gone off the grid: It had started rather predictably, with a dinner party, but had quieted down after after Zoe and gurus from the salon took to the Instagram handle @beautyzone.

There may be a name for this cozy condo on East 55th Street, but we don’t think it’s probably called a party.

We’re taking it back to the 2013 inauguration of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who became the first woman ever to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. That evening, what we have here are images of the judges from well before the justices arrived.

After the swearing-in ceremony, Ginsburg wore navy shorts and a matching cotton blouse as she took the stage to perform and look very much like a reciting priest. The rest of the assembled guests, including Georgetown University professor Cass Sunstein and historian Cornel West, were wearing dresses.

At dinner, Ginsburg brought out her 5-year-old daughter to join guests, before her assistant made the usual adjustments. She was joined on stage by African-American Harvard University professor Laurence Tribe and his wife, Joyce W. Lyons, who are honoring three of Ruth’s late parents, Dorothy and Harold Ginsburg.

The real magic, though, was this next super-exclusive gathering, held later that night, at Julia Malone’s Tabernacle on 52nd Street. This was the first party celebrating Hillary Clinton’s 2020 presidential run, and this roster of the New York power set, including Sederisse President Alan M. Berenstein, Elton John, Mary Tyler Moore, Joyce Shuper, Nyisha Williams and Elizabeth Rice Allen, was very different from the beloved ceremony.

After a roast — apparently as a way to promote Elton’s new project, “Your Step: The Contribution to Women’s Leadership in the 21st Century” — they danced to Cat Power and Noel Gallagher sang My Morning Jacket.

On the menu: Ruth Ballantine’s 112-year-old British classic, a pig roast. And a presentation of “The Eulogy” by Noam Chomsky, who was quite a presence in Ruth’s life.

And yes, there were goat milk patties, and hot, fresh pizza. For dessert, though, there was crème brûlée.

“It’s been an amazing journey for me,” Ruth Ginsburg said. “My papa taught me to keep a journal and I use it on a daily basis to write down my thoughts. You didn’t think they were going to like that, did you? It’s a funny thing.”


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