Every smart phone could serve as an extracurricular instrument for detective agency agent Brock/Cisco.

The smart phone already plays a supporting role for one of the early missions in the first two episodes of The Sinner. (When a much nicer detective feels bored out of his mind during his assignment, the smart phone comes into play for him, as he often does.) By the end of the first season of the new crime drama, the FBI may have killed Brock/Cisco on orders from the soon-to-be-fully integrated Intelligence Bureau, and he will finally have to save the world. (The FBI will also grow concerned about Brock/Cisco’s sense of humor. We love this about them.)

The Sinner premieres Wednesday, Sept. 26, at 10 p.m. on USA. Get all the info below.

The Sinner

When Megan Green, FBI Special Agent in Charge, arrives in a remote village in the Berkshires, she initially meets with Griselda. Here we are told that they are shepherding a tribal council to a sacred burial site. However, she discovers something that changes her life: Griselda, the woman who abandoned Megan while she was in a coma, has come out of it and is threatening Megan in bed. Is this another reason the episode was titled the Sinner? Could be. We love this about them. We are also sure the music will be awesome. (In the video below, we make the case for how good the theme song is.)

Co-starring cast

• Amber Rosemond and Nancy Howery will guest star as Deanna and Sidney, the powerful leaders of the village council.

• True Blood‘s Sookie will play the mother of an assassin (aka Danielle Panabaker) who is also a samurai.

• Fleabag‘s Tobias Menzies will be as new Pope.