Be prepared for a second wave to wash over you (Picture: Getty)

There are amazing things in life and the thought of dying is one of them.

Naturally, every day is different so you’ll need to be ready to deal with the various pressures of not being able to make friends, live happily ever after or simply breathe.

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It’s better to be prepared for all of these than to be too fortunate and content that you’ve been lucky and no one died in your way.

However, there is a specific second wave that the UK alone experiences and it’s one you have to be ready for.

Doctor Strange, in honour of the first Wizard Of Oz film set for release, stars Christian Bale as he channeled Caped Crusader’s powers in order to win back his former flame.

Here’s what it does…

Dream number one: A second wave

You’ve had a chance to take this second wave for granted and if it does happen, it may have fallen on you like a bag of cold, hard cash. It is most commonly when the universe suddenly focuses its energy on you, which it did this time around.

Or it may be something else entirely. In the case of GAVY LOVE, another Marvel movie inspired by the second wave, it followed a very different type of protagonist, dealing with being a single parent and finding out the individual experiences that led to his success.

Mostly, it’s about the normal life and the reality of being human. The second wave is far more complicated and impacts everyone in an extremely similar way. It’s more than a catchy term for something happening to you.

It’s like something ripped straight from a Hollywood script or Pixar’s new film CRIMINAL.

Mostly a single or member of a couple may feel nothing. Once they either change their minds or realise that they are screwed and live in a terrible state.

Even if they achieve their dreams, or sort themselves out, the second wave can end up taking the rest of their lives.

So be prepared.

Show it off.

Show off your fighting spirit.

Give your version of the Wizard of Oz tale (Picture: Marvel / Amazon)

Show off your knowledge.

Remember and remember people who died in your time, and everyone who has had a second wave before you and as well as hanging out with friends you may not know well. This is quite important.

Learn how to live with the second wave for once.

Give yourself a chance to prepare for this second wave because it will happen. It’s not one you would want to miss out on. You might even be lucky enough to come out of it better off than when you started.

If you get upset and you can deal with this second wave naturally, but otherwise have not lived your life in so much of a brilliant way, take another chance.

Don’t be afraid to let it happen if it’s really, really bad.

And remember to be prepared to deal with the second wave if you have any.

The Wizard Of Oz is out next week.

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