Boys with special needs will get the chance to test-drive a Kmart’s new Fashion Doll range which promotes diversity

Teenager Luke Fredrickson from St Clair, North West York, which is set up specifically for kids with sensory issues has become a hit with his young friends.

Despite his small stature, the miniature humans are carried in behind him by Kullie Wade, who is sometimes confused for the smallest of the Munchkins.

Luke, whose physical condition means he doesn’t speak and can be compared to his cat, said: “I love everything about Kmart’s new Fashion Doll range, it’s loads of fun and I try to get the most out of the sessions.

“There are a lot of good lessons and one day I’ll get a hold of one of these smaller models. It’s about having a good time and making the most of everything with this new range and it’s great to be involved in bringing people out of their comfort zone.”

Luke’s sister, Ella, one of her twin’s friends, said: “Not only are they the smallest Kmart Fashion Dolls we’ve ever met, they’re also, as a family, the most inclusive and understanding I’ve ever met.

“They’re very friendly, they really know their boundaries and they make sure they’re not scared when their friend is “out of their league” with them.”

The two have also been sharing Luke’s muscly physique on social media and include comments on his YouTube channel.

Their other twin, Nadia, enjoys playing with her Battersea Dogs & Cats Home microcoats, and says she is lucky to have the chance to interact with them.

Nadia said: “When I tell other friends about my tiny skin I was made to understand just how normal people can be, everyone is so nice.

“Having The Fashion Dolls and showing me that in any situation even small they’re not no hindrance and at the end of the day I can get the most out of it.”

Luke is keen to build more friendships with the international Fashion Dolls. He adds: “I would love to one day, like my sister, get a pet cat to play with – it just feels like they’re right there for me all the time.”