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If the French and Australians can show some leadership and diplomacy, the rest of the world can too.

Clearly such opportunities for the whole world are not going to be available just now and will continue to do so for a long time.


We need to take advantage of them and develop and implement a war plan to make sure that all countries involved in using COVID-19 join this initiative as part of a global security agenda.

This campaign must not be seen as an attack on any country. It needs to be a global partnership to counter the challenge of COVID-19 and other threats to our country that ultimately have global security implications.

Small island states must be part of this effort and be ready to take steps to protect them. I would urge more countries to follow Australia’s lead and invest in carbon capture storage and capture networks.

While we are able to offset our own carbon emissions, we do not get to keep our fingerprints off others. That is why small island states need help from the international community.

There is no way that the west would have destroyed your country if you had not identified and shared the COVID-19 problem.

In the latter stages of such an argument, people must recognise that right now is the best time in the last 30 years to divest from the fossil fuel industry.

Climate change is a real issue which has forced a large amount of governments to act.

But most governments only have limited resources, so they have been reluctant to take the tough decisions required to combat this catastrophe.

A committed and capable coalition of all countries involved in this conversation would help to address the big issues and push through meaningful action.

First, we must adopt and implement our Paris Agreement’s comprehensive action and financing plan that will reach us, including a 2018-21 global action plan for green infrastructure and a 2018-25 global action plan for climate and energy resilience.

Second, we must let our fossil fuel industry representatives know that it is unacceptable that the government continues to fund them. I would urge the government to consider a real link between the public funds it controls and the emission targets and eventual reductions.

Third, investment, clean technology and energy for all countries is critical. Investing in climate preparedness and maintaining our ability to deal with the crisis will save money, improve the quality of our lives and create jobs.

Of course there will always be challenges to international solidarity. But we must at last collectively mobilise to take on the challenge and prevent catastrophic climate change.

My words of encouragement are completely unwavering. I hope we all share this sentiment, regardless of our political or economic backgrounds, so our world is free from war, poverty and ill health.

I am looking forward to working with the President of the United States, the prime minister of Australia and the Foreign Minister to try and ensure that such progress is made.

​I have been encouraged by the warmth of comments from both the President and PM of France. I sincerely hope we can make a positive contribution to the strategy and lead the world towards a world free of war and poverty.