A grieving sister has penned a heartbreaking message on Facebook to mourn her sister who was shot dead last week in a barroom brawl with three other clubbers in a fatal shooting attributed to a bikie gang.

Lindsey Miller wrote on Facebook: ‘Our sisters died last week. Now my name is nowhere to be found’.

On Thursday, Portland police announced that they have opened a new murder investigation into the death of 34-year-old Julie Ann Schmidt, of Seattle, who was shot during the late evening melee.

Julie Ann Schmidt (pictured) was a sister to ‘brave’ supermodel Kate Upton

Ms Schmidt was the sister of Kate Upton (pictured with her brother in September 2009), reported The Seattle Times. The supermodel revealed that she had recently moved to the area

The mother-of-two worked as a personal stylist and owned her own stylist agency before she moved to Seattle

Ms Schmidt (pictured left) was stabbed to death during a fight with three other people at a Portland bar (pictured right)

Police believe the attack on the bikie gang member was retaliation for a confrontation with Ms Schmidt earlier this month, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Ms Schmidt, 34, was stabbed and fatally shot near Centennial Park in the city at around 10pm on Wednesday.

She attended volunteer-league football games and tended to young women who were homeless, reported Fox5.

According to her Facebook page, the ex-beauty queen is a former professional dancer, whose career once took her on tour of Asia with Kate Upton.

Ms Schmidt, who was a mother to two other children, is said to have moved from California to the area where the M33 gang had established itself.

Police said that they are investigating the death and declined to provide further details.

Ms Schmidt’s sister, Lindsey Miller (pictured with friends) noted on Facebook that they had moved to the area where she had been murdered and were investigating the case

Julie Ann Schmidt has also worked for Supermodel Kate Upton (pictured, right)

‘Sister, this is my little brother. We moved to the area. Our families are in Niles. Our sweet family moves to the area. We understand we have many emotions,’ Ms Schmidt’s older sister Lisa Miller wrote on Facebook.

She added: ‘I can’t help but think about the year and years I have spent watching him grow and I am never sadder than when I think about the day he reached out to my family to help heal and help me if it wasn’t there.’

Ms Schmidt also posted photos of her children.

Her sister, Lisa Miller (pictured) noted that they moved to the area when Ms Schmidt’s talent took her across the world

Ms Schmidt is said to have served as a personal stylist, and owner of her own stylist agency before she moved to Seattle.

She is pictured with her sister and hubby Terry Taylor (right) in 2011

And Ms Schmidt is remembered for her hard work in the community and hard-working attitude

Ms Schmidt is said to have served as a personal stylist and owner of her own stylist agency before she moved to Seattle.

She is pictured with her hubby, Terry Taylor (left) and her sisters. Ms Schmidt also posted photos of her children