A Grenfell Tower fire survivor, who used to live with her elderly parents, was told that she would have to move away because of the new evictions programme.

Appearing on the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, Jane Ellen, who lives with her mother, said: “We’ve had [the new] eviction code since last week. We’d been there as far back as last week. As soon as we heard the news last week and now the new change has happened.”

Ellen said that relatives had told her that their homes were to be sold because of Grenfell, however she had been told by the new official that they were not.”

She continued: “I spoke to my family tonight, they’re heartbreaking, they just want us out now. I said ‘Mum, you must die now, you must have to go, you can’t stay there forever’ I just said ‘Mum, it’s only been a week. You must be calm’. Mum, it’s going to be impossible, you can’t bear it any more. Mum, you just have to leave.”

The BBC reporter elaborated.

“We have had to say that our properties will be sold in a pre-sale process and we are being told we have to relocate and they are saying it’s because we were ‘obviously here as tenants, therefore we don’t have to face the consequences’.”

For those waiting for a consultation on how it will work, the government said that the Home Office has held meetings with the reps of the properties involved in the eviction process.

Scottish Premier MSP Kenny MacAskill said that he was “absolutely horrified” by Ellen’s comments about the prospect of housing her parents.

He said: “It’s quite amazing to hear comments like that. The likelihood of being evicted, or even to be off the housing market altogether, is very bad for any family who is facing financial hardship at a time of health and maintenance.

“It really does contrast with something which the prime minister has just said.

“The prime minister has said that she wants a humane and transparent process in order to ensure we’re getting a positive outcome and clearly I think people are rightly suspicious.

“My question now would be to the Home Secretary.”