LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – CBS and ABC may have thought they might have won an Emmy for “The Good Wife” before the awards finally go down on Sunday night, but their contention has gone up in smoke.

The question on the minds of producers and stars on both networks is whether the Emmy nominations could mean the network secured the Emmy for best entertainment series. CBS and ABC, both determined to generate new Emmy buzz and subscriptions for their primetime offerings, had thought winning the accolade would send a point of empowerment to their networks.

On CBS, executives have been seeing to it that they put the word out early that a “The Good Wife” nomination wouldn’t mean it was handed the honor before the show was over.


“Good Wife” on Wednesday quickly corrected itself on Twitter, saying it had been misquoted on behalf of CBS. “That story was just printed by a tabloid today. We put our hands up first,” the “The Good Wife” on Twitter noted.

But a source on the set of the “The Good Wife” said the series’ digital producers are learning to quickly compartmentalize reports that could have significant ramifications.

“They’re all very concerned about the fact that their publicity department took a shot and took a shot that is totally and utterly untrue,” the show’s lead creator and executive producer said on Wednesday.

“The Good Wife” also tweeted “thanks for spreading the word that this ‘The Good Wife’ nomination is still true,” as that was the series’ standard practice until producers got right to work. CBS and ABC did not respond to inquiries on Thursday.

Based on the pilot from CBS Television Studios, the drama is about a Washington city attorney whose son is murdered in a Washington state suburb. This setup was typical for the CBS drama — other than a producer’s shooting of a more heavily developed storyline.

At the start of the summer, when the first Emmys nominations were announced, the series had topped the list of Emmy favorites, though CBS was looking at 13, said the person familiar with the show.

The less known a pilot episode of a series, the more questions about the show, or other competing shows, the potential that a show will go off the air soon.

The drama has worked well on CBS’ television stations, which were able to attract extra viewers to attract advertisers in the season-long ad run. The series continues to be on in most local markets in mid-November and throughout the year.

ABC remains the reigning Emmy winner with 22 wins in a row. On Wednesday, the program that got the most Emmy nominations was the ABC drama “How to Get Away With Murder,” which had four noms, despite some marketing obstacles.

In comparison, CBS is just one short of its 1996 Emmy victory in the 25th annual TV Academy awards. It had been the category winner before and won again last year.