Tulsi Gabbard’s message from the left side of the Democratic Party has ramped up this week.

Rep. Gabbard, the Hawaii-born daughter of Japanese-Americans who came to America as refugees after the World War II Pearl Harbor attack, has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump, using many of her public comments to back them up. This week, she went on a full-on call for Trump and Democrats to cease fighting over the most egregious violations of presidential election law.

As usual, the message found its way into numerous mainstream media sources: Gabbard introduced a bipartisan bill to combat voter fraud through mail-in ballots; would not comment on specific case-by-case cases; and criticized the GOP for hiring special counsel Robert Mueller.

The bill Gabbard referred to, first reported by Mother Jones, would make it illegal for federal, state or local election officials to reject applications by people who have requested mail-in ballots.

The paper ballot in question is required for each statewide election, but states are allowed to reject applications by people who request a paper ballot, even if they request a conventional ballot, according to the bill.

Federal law mandates mail-in ballots in each state. The bill would affect all statewide elections.

In addition to changes to the nation’s election system, the bill would also remove the requirement that a voter must provide proof of citizenship or citizenship in other countries.

The bill doesn’t cover all states, however, and targets the District of Columbia.

“It’s time for national solutions,” Gabbard said in a statement Monday. “There are too many voter fraud cases on the books, too many criminals going undetected, too many people that are too frightened to cast a ballot because they fear losing their absentee ballot, and it has to stop. This bill will help put an end to it, and ensure that the next two years in office are the ones filled with the type of leadership and bipartisan cooperation that will get us working together to achieve change.”

Gabbard has been a vocal critic of the Trump administration, raising questions about Trump’s motivations behind the birther movement and his treatment of news organizations. She has pushed back against her former Rep. Steve Israel for taking shots at her and his House Democratic caucus’ efforts to impeach Trump.

On Monday, Gabbard appeared to take on Israel for speaking out against US Attorneys Boris Epshteyn, David Rivkin and Cindy Cohn, on social media. She accused Israel of trying to distract from the unfair attack launched against her Democratic Caucus over campaign financing and donated contributions.