South Africa, in the words of Opposition Leader Helen Zille, welcomed a transport proposal from Transport Minister Darren Henley to improve the city’s roads.

“I look forward to travelling to Sydney to see the plan put forward by Transport Minister Henley to improve our roads, including some that are literally full of potholes in my electorate,” said Mrs Zille.

Mr Henley was in KwaZulu-Natal on the weekend to unveil a proposal for the continuation of passenger rail services between South Africa and Sydney.

Mr Henley has previously criticised KwaZulu-Natal state rail for its poor road network.

Mrs Zille said she was disappointed that Mr Henley did not elaborate his specific proposals on what he would deliver for Sydney City, including in terms of providing quicker bus replacement from KwaZulu-Natal.

“He was keen on doubling the number of bus routes, so I expect Mrs Zille will now urgently draw up plans for the city’s crumbling roads.”

Mr Henley told the KwaZulu-Natal Sunday Times that his delegation had observed Auckland.

“I was given the details on intercity rail, which would be the main transport on the Peninsula as it will provide faster routes for Auckland travellers.”