Peru’s President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski survived a controversial impeachment vote in Congress, which was highly controversial due to an ongoing corruption investigation.

According to Lima’s La Republica newspaper, nine votes were needed from the Chamber of Deputies to pass the impeachment law.

However, six votes were needed from each chamber of Congress to pass the bill that would restrict presidential powers. The law bans Kuczynski and other political leaders in Peru from holding offices if their opposition to corruption measures becomes entrenched.

Kuczynski agreed to step down temporarily as of Sunday. He will remain the president and Congress will proceed with the impeachment bill.

Many Peruans had supported the motion to impeach Kuczynski, who apologized for his actions and fired several people following an earlier scandal.

Meanwhile, the government won an important voting in the chamber of ministers.

Vizcarra, who called on deputies to impeach Kuczynski, received six votes. His powerful conservative coalition falls out of favor, with only two deputies voting for it.

(H/T: Le Extra)