Peru’s President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski attends a meeting of the National Democratic Club of Peru (NGPAP) in Lima, Peru, Sept. 16, 2017. (Reuters/Rodrigo Abd)

Peru President, Martín Vizcarra, Survives Impeachment Vote

LIMA, Peru—Peru’s President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski narrowly survived an impeachment vote Monday night, delivering another victory to him, who presided over Peru’s impeachment after ending his term in July.

Kuczynski’s rule, which lasted 18 months, was tainted by corruption allegations and allegations of domestic abuse that have since ended his five-year term.

Kuczynski appeared to have reached the 90-percent required vote needed to keep his job. However, the motion failed after 646 out of 718 votes needed to remove him died due to abstentions.

In the end, a small group of sympathizers in the National Labor Party of former President Alejandro Toledo ran the measure against him without opposition, and called for a vote to be called.

“I’m satisfied,” Kuczynski said, shortly after arriving at the Hotel Naranjo to cast his vote. “Today I paid the debt for my presidency and I’m making amends to my country with clear and lasting efforts to advance the development and well-being of all Peruvians, both urban and rural.”

Kuczynski’s presidency was marred by political scandals ranging from embezzlement, personal abuse and death threats, to wiretaps, secret foreign bank accounts and foreign financing of presidential campaigns. He faces criminal charges of corruption in the United States, which could force him to step down if he’s convicted.

Nearly 1,800 citizens appealed the decision of the prosecutor general’s office to oust Kuczynski and two other members of the ruling coalition, in spite of past instances of what one lawmaker called abuse of power.

Over the last week, Kuczynski’s numbers dwindled: In the last day of a campaign in the northern city of Santa Ana on Sunday, he only managed to garner 41 votes, on an anti- impeachment measure.