ABC News covered Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s family by offering prayers for her safe return

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her 94-year-old husband have been silent for more than a week while they face a series of health scares.

Now the 69-year-old justice is home with her family and having frequent visitors including President Donald Trump and Chief Justice John Roberts.

ABC News helped raise awareness about her health issues by mentioning prayers the widow and daughter had for her in a Facebook post.

Joel Kaplan, the court’s former chaplain and spiritual advisor, said he asked Ginsburg’s daughter Leila to share a prayer for her mother on Facebook and she responded.

Ginsburg’s daughter posted a 26-word message about the importance of the prayer.

“Today, we met a different person, the incomparable Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” wrote the daughter. “We spoke about the importance of prayer, her health and all the awesome things she is doing.

“Her daughter, Leila, has always been an inspiration to me and I thank her in return. Her strength and fortitude are something to be celebrated.

“Her daughter, Lynda, has always been an inspiration to me and I thank her in return.”

An ABC News correspondent who traveled to New York found Ginsburg at the Winship Cancer Institute, formerly known as the National Cancer Institute and one of her favorite facilities.

She was seen out and about and taking a few days off, which caused speculation that she was making up for lost time.

Ginsburg remains active in the Supreme Court case law field and has been conducting school visits with children.

The family declined an interview request by ABC News. The request was directed to Ginsburg’s spokeswoman, Daniel Bridges.

Bridges said Ginsburg and her family had been “monitoring the health and wellbeing of Justice Ginsburg,” but declined to discuss any health issues that may be affecting her.

Ginsburg has been battling multiple health issues. In February, it was revealed that she had had a “bad cold” and needed a few days of rest.

The following month, she had surgery to remove a blood clot from beneath her left breast, and underwent two weeks of radiation treatment in June. She returned to the Supreme Court in August.

Her illness has led to recriminations among her colleagues and led to speculation that she might resign.

Millionaires filed a new complaint last week calling on Ginsburg to resign and “save the country.”

The American Civil Liberties Union called for her to resign this week. The “Prayer for Justice Ginsburg” Facebook post is one of many messages that accompanied Kaplan’s post.