There are those who have the evidence that Medicare is legal and can be financed with it. These are indeed the officials of the world who have the legalistic certainty, that the system is constitutional and that billions of dollars in savings can be achieved through an optional surcharge, tax credits, etc.

This morning it is reported that a new report, President Trump’s own leaked National Journal report on the national debt is reported that the federal government has been steadily adding to the national debt. A recent example was the revelation that some of the $1.15 trillion in debt the federal government has is actually part of the $14 trillion housing bubble. One of the leading experts, Michael O’Hanlon and Kenneth Rogoff predicted at the height of the housing bubble that we would be in bankruptcy within a decade. They also warned that if we did not fix the lack of funding or if we did not handle foreign debt aggressively, most definitely we would be in the deep end of the market.

There have been two national and foreign debt crises and how did we get out of both. There is the issue of all the trillions in the housing bubble which carried major international obligations to the people who had loved money.

In my opinion, both the 1980 and the 1990 crises can be explained as a buildup to a bankrupt Social Security program. I believe the major funding is in the system itself and it will only occur in time of financial crisis when our citizens are forced to save hard in a weak economy. Then the safety net will be flooded. I believe that the average person cannot survive that style of financial collapse. That makes people get sick. They do not make better health decisions. We need to make sure that people do not avoid physical and psychological wounds by investing and investing only in high yielding high risk securities. They should also prepare their own pensions in order to retire in a better and shorter time.

Now you have the conversation with the one person, Steven Lewis. He feels that Medicare is legal. And he does not believe that either Medicare is really all that correct.

There are a lot of other differences in how the world works. Why not start with one? The President says, “No, Medicare is legal.” As if something is legal when it is not. There has been a lot of a legalistic winks and nods in Washington to this non-legalization.

With the percentage of the population that is properly covered and fully insured there will not be any financial problems. But with everyone else who will be left out of the mechanism we were given, there will be financial problems.