Pleased to finally read…

Sept. 18, 2005

Here’s a little raffle game to start you off,!

A raffle ticket will be offered this year at the Nov. 9 election, with the winning name being announced during the campaign.

There is a limit of eight of the tickets, in denominations up to $20.

How can you win?

“None of the information posted in this raffle game is a genuine source that includes personal information. All raffle winners will be notified via email,” a Nevada County clerk’s office posted on Thursday.

Our contest rules do not prohibit anyone from “listening” to the raffle announcement or participating in the outcome. We will allow fans to vote for their favorite and participate in future contests as part of the raffle.

This final installment will be posted Friday.

Love, world

Addings on Dec. 17, 2017

In my first column, I wrote about that strange tree-shark-tequila day, and thought about the wonderful relationship between a ramshackle van and a remote valley.

Yes, a transformer van.

That, and a famous local for being resident heckleer, exclamation spokesman, man-in-the-street sort of guy and kooky in general.

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Chris D’Antonio is a spry version of Randy Credeur, the man once known as the “Big Ramshackle Van” of Beau Rivage.

He’s also an award-winning editor of many of You Tube’s best videos.

He says it takes him nearly two years of practice before he can watch a recording of himself as I watched his clip.

“People get lost in it,” D’Antonio says. “It’s such a rich, beautiful video, and it’s very appealing.”

I once met him at the Cobblestone Cafeteria in South Reno, but I’m not sure he’s quite as interested in being a YouTube star.

The two of us — and the huge Ramshackle van — ended up traveling the Las Vegas Strip as a troika on our way back to the valley in December 2016, eight days before Thanksgiving.

We lived together, ate at the Boulder-Briand Inn on Sahara and Shurtleff’s, went for walks in a beautiful neighborhood and even took in the occasional local comedy show.

D’Antonio was also, sadly, attacked with a magic lamp at a party and, to his credit, I was among the first to publish his disturbing tale.

Raves of his (video) upending the Van Affair are especially funny.

Ride this train

Oct. 10, 2016

I jumped for joy after learning about the Rocky Hill trainwreck in my last column.

Shelly Bates, an attractive newsgirl in her early 20s, recently announced her candidacy for a seat on the Roaring Fork Valley Railroad’s board of directors.

We married a few years later and I kept her on the News-Times-owned Herald Club newspaper staff and contributed occasionally to the weekly Travel Gazette.

Please, she deserves our undivided attention for her spot on the railways board, which could be so bad, I want to hitch my wagon to her.

Rope through our political briefs

This week we had the very folksy (yet made up) family advice from J. Ken Gershoff. He recalled, at his father’s urging, sitting on his mother’s lap the night before he was born and saying, “What can we do?”

She then turned and said, “Don’t let your little boy be a little boy.”

Next, he told me, I should come home to the farm after having the four of us bunking in my grandparents’ living room the night before.

We quickly adapted, but it’s just like that.

We were also reminded of Claire Ann Harper in my last column of this coming candidate’s event.

My mentor, Mr. Ted Harper, said: “Stress doesn’t have to hurt you.”

It did in my last column of this coming column, and let’s hope it hasn’t missed my entry this week, or the bumper sticker campaign, for which I’m also proud.