Ben Chavis and Jasmine Robinson are the co-founders of Define Voters, and have been working on the Florida referendum since November of 2016. Both of them believe that if marijuana is legalized, most voters would vote against the other major issue on the ballot, black lives.

In some parts of America, marijuana legalization is already happening, and much of Florida is likely to see it during this upcoming November’s elections. R.B.G. will be the first statewide initiative to legalize the use of marijuana in Florida, and it has all the benefits in terms of education reform. R.B.G. bans schools from having recreational use and will make it harder for police to arrest people for buying or selling marijuana. It will also make it harder for police to track down dealers.

According to some analyses, the referendum will likely pass. On Aug. 24, 2020, the Florida Department of State has already posted the referendum on its website and has put on a 72-hour ballot printing time frame. A statement on the website also reads, “Voters will have a chance to comment on the decriminalization of marijuana, Aug. 24 at 4 p.m.

Another poll published on Aug. 23, conducted by PNC Bank, found that 46 percent of respondents supported marijuana legalization. Of the marijuana legalization group, 44 percent of them favor it, while 33 percent oppose it. An additional 8 percent are undecided.

According to News 17, marijuana legalization is also in line with President Donald Trump’s statement that there should be a “decriminalization” of marijuana. In fact, he said, “I’d want to see if we can get something done.” So basically, marijuana legalization is somewhat in line with President Trump’s view on the drug.

Voters can take part in the referendum by signing the petition to allow you to weigh in on the legality of marijuana usage. Already voters in 27 states have approved full decriminalization of the drug.

In the world of marijuana, it is important that voters have answers on marijuana legalization. Marijuana legalization is a top issue in Florida’s upcoming elections. Will R.B.G. pass?

Source: News 17, Toronto Star