When it comes to voting, the other Democratic members of Congress don’t even have a place to talk.

Tulsi Gabbard, a Hawaii Democrat whose district is so heavily Republican that the state has voted for Bernie Sanders, has developed a new position on voting: the problem of improper and spam-riddled mail-in ballots.

Gabbard is introducing a bill (HR 947) this week with Republican Sen. Jeff Flake and Democrat Rep. Kyrsten Sinema that would, among other things, give states the ability to seek court permission to request foreign postal inspection systems before mail-in ballots can be sent in to make sure that they have been properly submitted.

A Federal Communications Commission representative says that the agency didn’t receive any inquiries on the issue until late last year, following outcry over various problems and crimes involving improper applications and mail-in ballots.

“Unfortunately, Congress hasn’t adequately addressed the concerns raised over the last several years and especially in Hawaii, where more than 80,000 illegally submitted mail-in ballots were provided to Election officials and turned in to them,” Gabbard said in a statement on Thursday. “I commend Sen. Flake and Rep. Sinema for introducing this bipartisan legislation so that every U.S. citizen can participate in this important election process.”

The USPS has been overworked and underfunded by the federal government, Gabbard said, and that’s where her legislation comes in.

“I urge both sides of the aisle in Congress to join me in passing this legislation so we can ensure all Americans, including African Americans, Latinos, and low-income residents, receive the same opportunities to participate in the elections,” she said.