Willie Carson says the BBC are ‘dangerous ground’ (Picture: Graham Thompson/Getty Images)

Olympic sailing team captain Willie Carson has called for the BBC to stop reporting about his regiment.

Kieron Dickson of the Rowing Team was made redundant from the BBC this week for speaking to public affairs reporter Ben Thompson about life and sport at the Olympics.

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But the 56-year-old went on to call for the BBC to work more closely with an educational charity instead, and write the programme whilst in a public position.

Carson said: ‘It is likely to cause an increase in life-threatening interactions between scientists and sport commentators.

Carson said he didn’t want to be a part of his regiment (Picture: Graham Thompson/Getty Images)

‘The Information Officer on social media and the lecturer on a common aim to encourage an educational approach to sport. The BBC, today, has many faults but be careful about what you put out there.

‘I am not asking the BBC to see my regiment – I am not knocking them on the head.

‘A BBC programme is called I Am a Champion on the BBC. It is entitled “Principles of Sport” – some people may enjoy that.

A spokesperson for the BBC said: ‘News stories expressing editorially driven views are typical of most of the BBC’s media and sports coverage.’

But Carson added: ‘With everything that has happened with the BBC it may seem like I have banned people from broadcasting opinions that may not represent my views.’

Carson also invited those who believe in the Army to email him.

He said: ‘I have written to the Army Political Officer to ask him whether I should be talking to them about human rights and statistics, and about what’s happened over the last few years with legal aid and my pension or even civil partnerships and employment, these types of topics.

‘If it works I will give them a few examples that I agree with, for example as they do a lot of big events they will like hearing about your positions on these subjects.

‘I also asked them to invite me to give talks on “Elegance in Sport”, as we just need to create the possibility that hopefully I can influence young people in the right way in the right way, even if they are unsure about sport.’

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