Who knew that vacuuming mops and brooms could become smart, too? Seriously, when I was at first offered apartment-rental tech products, I couldn’t understand why this stuff would help me. It looked cool, but with a price tag to match, I would have thought that only those skilled at internet connection access would have some useful functionality in today’s PC and smartphone world. But I digress.

Prodigy is smart enough to let you enjoy pre-owned vacuums, trying on mops, and cleaning up broken doorknobs in one session.

Prodigy is $139.99, or $49.99 for the option to upgrade a Vacuator to a Cleaner with External Clamps.

HPA Appliance Reviews

Before you visit any appliance show, make sure you check out Appliance Reviews — the folks who review everything from ovens to refrigerators. The reviews are comprehensive, but they’re most important when reviewing the processes behind their products. One problem with Appliance Reviews is that every review is only five pages, but anyone who’s bought a product and is still in awe of its features can log in to visit and finish their reviews.

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Smart House was also the best-reviewed oven, refrigerator, dryer, smart speaker and bath computer on Appliance Reviews, which found that the latest products to enter the market are premium, quality ones and are getting better. Smart House is available on Amazon for an extra $149.

Aside from reviews and reviews of the products themselves, Appliance Reviews also provides important information, such as which products are most and least expensive. My advice for reviewing for manufacturers is to read Lavalife’s website and reviews and to check online reviews before submitting your product for review.


Another Internet sensation, Shutterfly, which is owned by Amazon, is the company that provides photos, business cards, school and photo identification, etc. To set up your site and create an account, it first takes you to a website to do everything. As you proceed, you’ll get instructions on how to create a profile picture and a short demo video. From there, you can fill in an account (or personal one) to create your profile as soon as you open the account, saving all that back-end work to one click.

Shutterfly is available on Amazon for $99.99, and you can sign up to be notified of any upcoming additions.

Also on the visual side, Twitter, of course, is your best friend. If you’re a tweeter, there are Twitter groups you can join to send followers “motivating” tweets. You’ll also get the chance to tweet with the heads-up that you’re “liked” by more than 2 million others. Of course, you can “liking” another like would probably ruin it. So, if you want to keep the “likes” and retweet the “likes,” I suggest applying to one of these groups at either Twitter or Facebook. Then you’ll see all of the requests coming in right in your timeline. If you’re in a group, make sure you explain your purpose for joining, whether its professional or personal, and let people know about it. Lastly, if you’re posting pictures to a group, tweet your picture and let the group know that you’re happy to be included. If you’re not part of a group, the most obvious way to do so is to leave a comment, and once everyone gets a picture of you, your picture will be added to the group.


Lastly, LinkedIn can keep your friends or family in touch. If you’re a job seeker or student, you’ll also have plenty of social networking options. LinkedIn can help you become more marketable — it allows you to offer your resume or cover letter to someone at work or at a certain company, where it may help you access more openings. It can help you gain more web traffic and, even when the job opportunity isn’t obvious, it might see you as someone who will apply.