The Shuman family has returned to their home after visiting family in the Midwest.

Photo: Reuters

Eighteen people were injured when a party at a home in Rochester, New York, turned deadly, police said on Wednesday.

Police said around 200 people were celebrating at the house in the morning on Sunday when gunfire erupted.

Six people were killed, and 14 were injured, police said.

It was the latest incident in a string of recent attacks, including the deadly shooting at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas last October and a deadly series of attacks in Brussels in March.

Police said they were investigating the shooting at the Stockton Centre, an apartment building in Rochester.

“The homicide detectives have reason to believe it’s a drug-related incident,” Sgt. Tom O’Keefe told reporters.

The family home was cordoned off by police, and yellow crime scene tape covered the building.

“I understand there’s going to be a lot of relatives and a lot of relatives in the neighborhood who are probably in shock,” O’Keefe said.

The 23-year-old college student who was injured in the shooting, Kenneth Shake, had a pulse when he was taken from the scene.

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“It’s still an active investigation,” O’Keefe said.

Police said Shake, who was wounded in the leg, had serious head injuries. They said three others were still hospitalized with gunshot wounds.

Shake’s father, Dennis, drove home after the shooting. He told reporters that he feared the gunman was still at large.

“The shots were really loud,” Dennis Shake said. “I would say the officers couldn’t hear us at first.”

I asked the child who he went to school with how long she had been alive….She said ‘more than 10 years,” he said.

Linda Shuman, another of the survivors, said the wounded, who were all men in their 20s, ranged in age from “20 to 40.”

“They are all our best friends, our family,” Linda Shuman said. “They are in our hearts, they are in our prayers right now.”

Mystery surrounds the shooting

Havana police spokeswoman Ana Jorge-Burgos said on Tuesday she was still investigating the shooting at the nursing home facility.

She also said that the shooting was “discovered and solved” by gunmen who ran out of a neighboring house after their arrest.

Benislav Velodina, the state’s secretary of housing and urban development, said police had identified three suspects, but he did not identify them, saying he did not have information about a possible motive.

Police said several gun matches were found at the scene, including a murder rifle, a BB gun and a silencer used in a handgun and a shotgun.

The hospital where two of the men were being treated said in a statement it was treating “numerous gunshot wounds to the neck and body.”

Early on Wednesday, police said they had secured a crime scene and cleared the place.

“Our top priority remains first responders and the investigation. We are working to facilitate transition of visitors to the hospital,” they said in a statement.

Rochester Police Chief Timothy Flynn said earlier this month that police had already killed or arrested at least eight people since late March, when they were investigating a spate of shootings across the area.

The killings have been concentrated among the city’s drug users, especially the lawless neighborhoods that encompass mostly Hispanic neighborhoods surrounded by a growing Hispanic population.