(REUTERS) – British lawyer Amal Clooney said on Tuesday she has quit her role as head of the UK’s Middle East office and will join a US advocacy group after failing to bring the Israeli military to its knees.

The American lawyer had been working in the embassy since March, despite the 2020 Arab Peace Initiative giving the United Kingdom a two-year deadline to withdraw support for Israeli settlements.

A source close to Ms Clooney said she will leave her job at the High Commission of the United Kingdom in London by Wednesday.

“After five years in the Middle East, it has become clear that maintaining an international presence on a diplomatic level was not the right thing to do. My role in promoting peace through engagement, political dialogue and diplomacy will now be focused on advocacy,” Ms Clooney said in a statement.

Ms Clooney’s exit from the post comes more than two months after Richard Hawkes, the Middle East policy adviser for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, announced he would quit the Middle East trade ministry after Labour’s near-zero vote for the Palestine Liberation Organisation in December.

Ms Clooney had earlier represented Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a case before the International Criminal Court, in which he had alleged the United States was involved in the death of his son.